Missions and Outreach

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Since 1914, FBC has been dedicated to share the good news of the gospel in our own community and around the globe.  We are proud that we are the home church of many of our missionaries who grew up in this area and have devoted their lives to living abroad, reaching out to people groups in need of Jesus.  In addition to work abroad, we actively support organizations around our community that are dedicated to changing lives for the better.  
100% of missions donations go directly to support this work.

Missionary Of The Month

Pregnancy Resource Center
  • Trusted by women for over 30 years, the Pregnancy Resource Center provides competent and compassionate medical care, counseling, education, adoption counseling, legal assistance, housing referrals and other community resources.
  • PRC offers specially trained counselors who will work with women holistically and offer confidential support and services.
  • PRC serves women, families and youth who are in need of pregnancy services free of charge.
  • TASk (“Teens Are Saying kNOw”) is a state-of-the-art education program designed to reduce early sexual involvement, STDs, and pregnancy among students.
  • Volunteers of all ages can help with the variety of needs at the PRC from health professional volunteers to students putting together baby gift baskets or helping with the annual Walk/Run.
The Eckhardts Will Be With Us Sunday February 4, 2024
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