Hume Lake COVID Testing Update

After speaking with Hume Lake, we are able to use the Rapid Antigen COVID tests we have ordered as originally planned.  Instead of using the App to proctor the test, the tests will be administered by Doctors and Nurses who are a part of FBC.  We will then upload the results to Hume Lake and retain a hard copy of the results as required by Hume.

We will hold testing and health screening on Saturday, June 12th at 1pm.   Everyone must attend for the health screen even if you don't need a COVID test.

If you prefer to have a COVID test done by your personal heath care provider, you may choose to do so.  The test needs to be performed on Thursday, June 10th.  Tests done before Thursday will not be allowed.  Tests done after Thursday may not return results in time.  You must bring the results on Saturday, June 12th so we can upload them.

If you are vaccinated, (to be considered fully vaccinated you need to have received your second dose before May 30th) you do not need to be tested, but you must bring a copy of your vaccination record so we can bring a hard copy up to camp.

Pastor Stephen

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