COVID Updates

July  2021

We continue to follow the state of California's Covid-19 guidelines.  As of June 15, the State has removed restrictions.  We will no longer require you to RSVP, remain socially distanced, or have your temperature taken. Please wear a mask if you have not been vaccinated.  Our goal is to keep you safe, keep our ministries up and running, and keep our church united.  Thank you for being gracious and patient.
For more CA Covid-19 information, visit

2020 Highlights

  • Partnering with Twin Lakes Church, we launched Kidzville Distance Learning Day Camp for local elementary students who need internet and a bit of supervision.  Watch our video by clicking HERE.
  • The Good News is still being shared
  • Worship and Communion never stopped-- we just did it differently
  • We put our trust in God who has all things under control