FBC Men's Ministry

Men's Ministry Breakfast and Bible Study

To be a Christian is to follow Jesus down a path He has mapped out for you. This is the disciple’s path. On Saturday mornings, the focus of our Men’s Breakfast Study will be on understanding that path. How does it start? Where does it lead? How do you make progress, step-by-step, down that path?

We trust this study will encourage and enable you to take your next step of growth down that path. And it will show you how you can help others who travel this pathway with you. Together we will learn how to make progress down the disciple’s path toward the destination our Lord has marked for you.

The Masculine Mandate: God's Calling to Men.

What is a man supposed to do? What's my role as a man? What are the rules? You read it in the news; men are unsure of what's expected of them. It's clear, Hollywood doesn't have the answer. Our culture is confused. Where do you turn for answers?

Here's the good news: God has a specific calling for men. He revealed it in the first pages of the Bible. We have a God-given mandate that impacts our relationships, work, parenting, and church-life. This new year, our Men's Breakfast will be studying "The Masculine Mandate: God's Calling to Men." We invite you to join up with us as we learn from God's Word how to be and act like a man in 2018.

2nd and 4th Saturday Mornings 7:30am

Cost for the class: $5 for breakfast

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Church Office: 831-724-1311