Connect Goups
Connecting Around Christ
Small Groups

Stay connected with others and strengthen your connection with Christ by joining an 8-week small group (in person or Zoom). We’re all going to be reading the Gospel of Mark together; just 2 chapters a week. Then we’re going to gather in our groups to talk about what we’re learning about Christ and to encourage each other.

  • Starting the week of Aug. 23. Miss the start? That’s OK, contact the FBC office and we’ll connect you with a group.

  • Each week you’ll receive: your reading assignment, a Key Question to focus on, and a short video from Pastor Allen

  • It’s short; only 8 weeks. It’s simple; just read the chapters, think about the Key Question, and gather to share your thoughts.

  • Interested? Contact the FBC office to get connected and start receiving the weekly emails.

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