Children's Minitry - Pre School

Caterpillars & Butterflies

Toddlers-ages 18 month to 2 yr olds & 3 yrs thru kindergarten (available Sunday mornings)

Just like a caterpillar completely transforms into a butterfly, we teach your little ones that when they ask God to forgive their sins, He completely changes their hearts and lives. They are a new creation, just like a butterfly! Our goal is to lay a spiritual foundation in your child’s life that parents can build on at home by utilizing the take home papers, Bible activity sheet and monthly memory verse.

Saying Good-bye

After you have completed the check-in process, say good-bye to your child and feel free to move to the worship center. It is normal for children to cry when leaving a parent. This does not last long and separation becomes easier with time and regular attendance routines. Our workers will immediately try to interest your child and create a loving and comforting environment.

Please read our Well Child policy